Deal Alert: 50% off Earth’s Best Body Products at Sprouts



Sprouts Farmer’s Market has Earth’s Best children’s body care products on clearance at 50% off.

I have used the vapor ointment on both of my kids which works well. I have not used other Earth’s Best body care products but I picked up a few to try them out (items are pictured). I buy products that use the least amount of chemicals and preservatives possible, opting for naturally derived ingredients and paraben-free. These met the criteria. The lotion and bubble bath smell really nice too.

I validated for you that all Sprouts locations are participating in this deal, since these items are being discontinued. However, check your local Sprouts Farmer’s Market for availability, as items will vary depending on location.  If there’s a specific item that interests you, you may choose to call them in advance for availability.

Let us know if you use any of these products and how you like them!




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