There are so many benefits to having mommy friends from sharing tips and experiences to even extending the friendship down to the children. Making friends with other mommies is just easy, seeing that I instantly have at least one thing in common with them. It makes conversation starters a bit easier. “Hey, my kid loves eating Cheddar Bunnies too.” And that could be a start to a beautiful friendship. Probably not, but you get the picture.

There is also something very special about having friends who aren’t mommies and this is why:

  1. There are less hiccups in our plans. You mean you don’t have to cancel because your son is running a fever or that you woke up 5 times with your teething baby and can hardly move? That’s cool. Having children means having to cancel plans sometimes. The more kids you have in the picture, the chances of plans going down the potty rises exponentially. Someone’s kid is sick, someone has a school event that has popped up, someone doesn’t have a sitter. It happens. I get it. I’ve had every single one of these things happen to me too. But my non-mommy friends…not them. They commit. And I just hope I’m not the goober doing the canceling.
  2. They make me feel young. These women are my age, but the energy they have to focus on themselves is impressive. From regularly going on hikes, to impromptu weekday dinner dates to actually making it to the gym. It’s motivating. It’s a reminder that if I wanted to change my shirt into something without spit-up and throw on some lipstick, I can be somewhat cool too.
  3. They invite me to fun activities. Heck yeah I want to go to a glass-blowing class. You’re inviting me to try that new trendy restaurant that just opened up? Let me make arrangements to sneak away for a couple hours and enjoy sitting in a booth with dim lighting where people talk quietly. If we don’t even say a word, I’ll still be having a blast getting a little bit of peace. You just recharged my batteries and thanks for inviting me out to do something fun even though you knew I would probably decline or cancel. Revert back to bullet #1.
  4. They make awesome aunts. They are the extra cool adults that are totally grown up like Mommy and Daddy, but bend the rules just enough to take the trophy in the “fun” department. They make the kiddos feel special. They are always down to play another round of UNO or game of tag until they’re both dizzy.
  5. They put things in perspective. It’s natural for every once in a while to feel like the grass is greener on the other side. As much as it appears as though my non-mommy friends have a lot of free time, it’s often not true. They are occupied by other things: long hours at the office, finding love, staying healthy, and the list goes on. We all have our own hurdles and it’s a reminder to love every second of our own lives. It’s an adventure with bumps and turns along the way, but it’s my own windy road and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

This post was dedicated to my non-mommy friends including my amazing, gorgeous and intelligent younger sister. Thank you for your friendship!