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My little guy is 9 months old so he’s been eating blended baby food for a few months now.

When I’m in a hurry or on the go, jarred baby food works just fine too. However, I enjoy making a variety of baby foods at home as much as possible. It’s satisfying to know that I prepared his meal with love and I know exactly what is in it. I can introduce him to more flavors, and being vegetarian, I try to provide a variety which can be limited if relying on only store-bought.

I’ve been trying to get more protein and fat into his diet, now that he’s eating more solids throughout the day.  I recently started adding hemp into some of his food. I use Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts (Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds). I usually get the organic version, however, sometimes my local grocery store only has the non-organic, and so I use that as well.

Hemp hearts are packed with plant-based protein. 3 tablespoons equate to 10g of protein and 10g of omega fatty acids (“good” fats). I only use about one tablespoon worth in the baby food, but it’s enough to pack in a little extra protein and fat in his food.

Here is my latest recipe that my guy enjoys…most of the time anyway.

Banana Hemp Oatmeal

½ Banana

2 tbs. baby oatmeal of choice

1-2 oz breast milk (or formula)

1 tb. Hemp Hearts

A dash of cinnamon

Blend up the banana and hemp. Add a little bit of warm water to help get a smooth consistency. If you’re using formula, you may choose to add that in as well. Make sure the hemp is blended up real well, which is important to make it easy to eat. If it’s the first time for your babe, you may choose to sprinkle a little less.

Add the breast milk once the puree is complete. Breast milk should not be blended in order to avoid diminishing its natural properties that are so good for our little nuggets. You may add 1 or 2 oz. of milk, depending on the consistency desired. Add a dash of cinnamon.

Masala Mommy Tip- I usually warm up baby food using my bottle warmer via the steam. I pour the contents into a small glass bowl (I don’t use plastic) and place it on top of the warmer. That bottle warmer has so many uses. Facial anyone?

Happy Eating. I’d love to hear if you try out the recipe and if your babe enjoyed it! Leave a comment.

 I am a mom of two and enjoy sharing my experiences of motherhood with my readers. This includes a few triumphs in the kitchen. The recipes provided on this website, although are researched and backed with personal experience, are presented for inspiration and ideas only. ALWAYS consult a medical professional before introducing new foods to your baby.


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