And so the viral bug is circulating in our home.

My preschooler was the first to catch it which is how it usually goes. He goes to school, picks up germs and then voila, he’s “spreading the love”. As usual, I am typically the first victim so here I am, with my Rudolf nose completely chaffed, dry cough, puffy eyes and heavy head. What I really want to do is curl up in the fetal position in a corner and just get some rest. But no can do…I’m a mom, sucka!

Anyway, I have to miraculously become presentable by tomorrow for my husband’s office holiday party. Where is Cinderella’s fairy godmother with her bippity boppitty boo when you really need her? I guess I’m on my own this time.

The good news is, all of this has inspired me to share some of my quick tips on how to look refreshed when you really need it:

  1. Keep it Pink. When you’re already looking flushed, it’s better to just run with it. I like to use corals and pinks in my makeup pallet to compliment my already pinkish undertones from just feeling sick. At least on the bright side I have some naturally rosy cheeks going.
  2. Brighten the Eyes. Creams, pinks and golden hues brighten tired eyes. Opt out of using really dark colors and going overly smokey. My own personal trick for day-time is to dab some of my blush right over my eyelids. It easily brightens the eyes, and the cheeks and eyes make a nice cohesive look together. I also opt for my eyeliner that instantly makes my tired eyes come to life.
  3. Moisturize. My mom looks at least a decade younger than her age and I can tell you as long as I can remember, she’s moisturized day and night. She would make sure both my sis and I were lotioned up every single day. To this day, if there is one thing I will not go without, it’s my moisturizer. I am currently using Kiehl’s products for my face which I’ve been happy with. It has limited chemicals which is important to me and moisturizes well for my dry and t-zoned skin. I use Vanicream for my all-over body moisturizer. In fact, my entire krew (I call us the KetAnisha Krew…I know, cheesy but I love it) uses Vanicream.
  4. Throw on Some Accessories. A necklace, earrings, watch…whatever you enjoy wearing (sometimes a sentimental piece of jewelry) can just make you look put together. It doesn’t have to match your clothes perfectly, but the extra few seconds to throw on a little bling will bring everything together.
  5. Keep Smiling. Confidence is #1. Keeping a positive attitude and smiling can even make you forget momentarily how tired or sick you really are. There are days that I’m whining and cranky like a child (my husband can vouch for that), but I actually physically feel so much better when I decide to ditch the droop and keep a can-do attitude. The mind truly is a powerful tool.

Tomorrow is going to take some magic for the holiday party, but I’m up for the challenge seeing as how excited the hubs is to make it to this annual event. Happy Friday and have a fresh and fabulous weekend!