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9th  Wedding Anniversary

On this very day nine years ago, my husband and I were giddy and excited to commit ourselves to being each other’s, forever. Another year has zipped by and we have the fortune of celebrating yet another wedding anniversary together.

As I sit here quietly, I reminisce about our life together. Our movie plays in my mind. We courted, bickered, loved, laughed, cried, argued, cuddled, joked, and dreamed together.

One memory that comes quickly in my mind is the time I finally sat on a rollercoaster for the first time. I was scared to death but he was right there next to me holding my hand and in his quiet, nurturing voice promising me that everything was going to be okay. With his comforting hands and loving words, he actually promised me more than momentary confidence to get through the ride. He gave me assurance that I could do anything I ever wanted. And whenever I would be nervous, he will hold my hand and whisper in my ear that it will be okay. I knew I would get through any rollercoaster in life as long as he was by my side.

Thank you Hubbers for being there with me along every step of the way of this adventure. Thank you for sticking with me when I’m rough around the edges. Thank you for loving me on days I make it hard to remember why. Thank you for taking me the way I am.

I promise to love you today, tomorrow and always. Happy Anniversary!


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