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I’m currently a parent of a baby who’s sporting a cranial helmet twenty-three hours a day, seven days a week. Any parent who has gone through the internal dialogue of reasoning and finally acquiring this head accessory, can agree that the entire experience of getting the Doc Band, is really not so bad and there’s actually quite a few chuckle worthy moments.

Every Mom and Dad of a little linebacker has probably had every single one of these thoughts at some point.

  1. What in the world is that? Why is my baby’s head flat? Freaking out, but just a little…
  2. You stroke your hand against the flat spot over and over again as if it’s going to feel less flat with each pat. Come on magic hands, make it go away.
  3. No, it didn’t change. It’s still flat. Well, let me pat it one more time. Nope, still flat. Ugh.
  4. You feel your own head. You give your head a rubdown like you’ve never done before.
  5. You feel your partner’s head, your other children’s head. You secretly hope that everyone has flat spots that have been disguised by all the thick hair that baby just doesn’t have yet.
  6. You realize everyone else’s heads are pretty round. Dang it.
  7. You take your baby for a cranial evaluation. He looks like a little bank robber with that stocking over his head for the cranial images. What a cute little robber. You take pictures with your cell phone.
  8. You go home and continue staring at it. Eventually you realize that this flat spot isn’t transforming by your laser beam eyes and decide to get the custom fitted helmet.
  9. Baby finally gets comfortable with the helmet. He almost doesn’t even notice it anymore. Score!
  10. You go home and absolutely nothing has changed except that your sweet little munchkin has a plastic head accessory. No big deal.
  11. He tumbles over and is saved by the helmet. I love you, helmet.
  12. You, your baby and his lid make his big debut in public.
  13. Why are they giving me sympathy looks? Oh my God! They think he has a skull fracture. Great. Oh well.
  14. You want to tell people you didn’t drop the baby on his head. Then you decide to just let it be.
  15. What is that smell? Why does my baby smell like feet?
  16. You scrub the helmet with rubbing alcohol. It doesn’t help much but you feel satisfied that it’s clean.
  17. You realize that your baby’s head is starting to look round. There’s progress!
  18. Baby doesn’t really need to wear it twenty-three hours does he? Maybe we can cheat a little.
  19. You realize that’s a bad idea and grumpily put the helmet back on his less lopsided little head.
  20. You keep your fingers crossed that the helmet will be off by his first birthday. That would be fan-freakin’-tastic.
  21. You daydream about his future. First baseball game, prom, graduation, his wedding. He’s going to look so handsome with that beautiful, round head of his.

A Doc Band, or cranial helmet is used for cosmetic purposes to fix flat spots that develop from baby loving a specific sleep position or even his position inside Mommy during pregnancy. Much like braces, it’s a medical device for cosmetic benefits. After sporting the helmet for a few months, baby benefits from having a more evenly, round head.

A big thank you to friends, family and even strangers who have shown concern for my little munchkin. Seeing his sweet little face underneath a helmet all of a sudden can be confusing for those who are unfamiliar with a Doc Band.

If you’re considering a cranial helmet for your bambino and have questions about our experience, feel free to send me a message. Thanks for reading!



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