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Today is Day 1 of sporting a new, black piece of expensive rubber on my left wrist. One that makes me appear quite athletic, when I’m probably just barely above average.

The painful memories of my classmates one by one sitting down in the outfield as I awkwardly made my way to bat, come rushing back like they were only yesterday. Well, take that you little monsters. At least I can dress the part these days thanks to my trendy, cool Fitbit.

Nevertheless, I feel like a rock star as I hit nearly 12,000 steps on my very first day. A very typical day.

It has been both reassuring and entertaining to have access to my activity level, heart rate, and calories burned throughout the day. This little band has also proved what I already knew about being a parent of young children by offering metrics to support my preconceived notions.

On behalf of anyone who has young kiddos, especially those who are stay-at-home parents, here is what a “day in the life” looks like as told by my Fitbit:

  1. We are constantly on our feet. When a SAHM protests that she “hardly had any time to sit down”, she means it. If you don’t believe me, my Fitbit will tell you it’s real. Very real. If my puffy feet, aching back and less than bubbly personality by 9pm wasn’t evidence enough, well then here you go. 12,000 steps, baby. BAM.
  2. Our caloric intake and burn-down is pretty much a wash. Those quick lunches over the kitchen sink fuel us for walks to the park, climbing up and down the stairs all day, picking up toys, loading and unloading the car multiple times a day (I think this should count as exercise) and having those family room dance parties with the kids (Oh, how I live for those). Food goes in, energy comes out, and calories are burned. I’m no math genius, but basically, everything cancels out. Hello, skinny jeans.
  3. We need more sleep. This goes for parents across the board, regardless of their employment status. No wonder the grays seem to mate and multiply. The circles only get darker and the wrinkles only deeper. And when we shampoo our hair and re-shampoo it because we can’t remember if we already shampooed it, well, it’s because our quality of sleep can really use some help. Interrupted sleep cycles and “restless” bouts keep us from feeling fully recharged. Hello, coffee.
  4. We love a little friendly competition. Having my friends and family “taunt” me is quite hysterical. Um, no way. I’m going to taunt you. Let’s do this. It’s on like Donkey Kong.
  5. We feel completely satisfied at the end of the day. As exhaustion sets in and all we can daydream about is that short window of “free time” at night once the kids are having sweet dreams of their own, we realize how important we really are to those boogers. We kept little humans alive and mostly smiling for twenty-four hours. If that’s not crazy cool, I don’t know what is. We loved, kissed, disciplined, chauffeured, fed, cleaned and cuddled our kids. We have the most important job on this planet. Mic. Dropped.

Every step that was recorded by that Fitbit had meaning and I’m ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

Now it’s time to begin my less than adequate night of sleep. Sweet dreams.


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