I’m back!

I was focusing on my baking skills and juggling my two little sous chefs along the way the last several months. By baking skills, I mean I had a bun in the oven and now after a short 9 months of pregnancy (it really did zip by!) I’m a new mom once again.

This Mama of two boys has been upgraded to Mama of THREE boys! My little J is here and has brought so much joy to our family already. This little guy was just meant to be ours in so many ways and I’m feeling fiercely in love all over again.

My heart is so full that I think it could explode at any given time.

When I see the three of them snuggle up together or when my eldest becomes protective of his little brothers and declares he’ll always look out for them, or when I catch my older two in deep conversation, bonded by intense giggles, my heart is at serious risk of cardiac arrest.

These are the moments that give my life purpose, heart at risk of combustion and all.

Of course, now that my kitchen is closed and these were the last baking days my tummy would see, I can’t help but become even more excited about the future.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m completely and thoroughly enjoying each of these newborn days with my little bundle. I’m clinging onto each and every moment knowing that all the “lasts” with him, are my lasts forever.

It’s the last time I’ll have the feeling of a newborn’s weight on my chest. It’s the last time I’ll take in the sweet smell of a baby’s head as it rests on the nape of my neck. It’s the last time I’ll have the intense feeling of joy when my baby smiles for the first time with our eyes locked together.

There will be many lasts in the upcoming months that I will experience as a mother. However, there are a lifetime of “firsts” that are ahead for my family and I’m beyond eager to get the party started!

KetAnisha Krew Party of Five…Let’s do this!