Okay, so let’s state the obvious…I have 3 BOYS!

I am not much into stereotypes and believe Gender Roles are Real…Real Annoying. But there are times that this gender thing really does apply in my household.

Boys have LOTS of energy and are constantly moving around is definitely one that I can confirm.

Mine particularly, at least the older two since the baby is still into sleeping and pooping at the moment, love to be on the move. If we didn’t force them to sit down and eat, I’m not too sure that they would.

They would much rather run around with their light sabers or jump off furniture than withstand the so-called torture we put them through which is commonly knows as “lunch.”

Nevertheless, I’ve had to get creative with how I get these guys to eat enough calories. And let me tell you, I’ve tried everything.

Making fun shapes out of their food, drizzling Nutella onto anything and everything, abusing electronic devices, even shamelessly following them around the house and shoveling bites into their mouths.

The struggle is real.

Anyway, there’s one little trick that has overall worked well. Queue the clouds parting and angel voices…oh yes.

I put out a bunch of healthy snacks in a container with multiple compartments. We call it the “Snack Tray” and when it comes out, the kids are pretty excited about it. It also means they get to eat in the family room so that adds to the appeal.

I will put anything in it from veggies, fruits, crackers, raisins, pretzels, nuts…and the list goes on. I only use dryish foods that are less messy since they get to eat outside of the kitchen.

The key is to put anything you are content with them eating and that they typically like to eat. It has to be healthy but something they will go for on their own and can graze.

I particularly use a storage container because whatever is not eaten within an hour, I cover and stick in the fridge. I bust it out later in between meals and it usually gets finished up. One container means less to wash. I’m all about simplifying and for that reason I even have a favorite lunchbox.

Simplify, simplify, simplify.

I know some may think that the snacks will ruin their appetite for meals, but my thought is as long as the snacks are healthy, it’s like having an appetizer! I think of it as an extension of their meals. As long as they are getting healthy calories, it doesn’t really matter when and where.

What kinds of tricks do you guys use to get your movers and shakers to eat enough calories? Sharing is caring…leave a comment!