Mommy has been upgraded.

She is on her third and last iteration and it’s clear that this version is made to last.

Mommy 3.0 may have chipped nail-polish and lets the laundry pile up a little longer but she is so much cooler and here’s why:

  1. She doesn’t worry as much. She knows that rash will go away. She knows that the cluster-feeding doesn’t mean she is running out of milk. She knows when it’s something that will pass and when it really warrants a call to the doctor and the pediatrician loves her for that.
  2. She bends the rules. Sure, the kids can eat on the couch. Sure, we can have dessert before dinner. She knows that bending the rules sometimes isn’t really that big of a deal. And if bending the rules gives her a chance to fill up on an extra cup of caffeine, then the answer is “Heck yeah!”
  3. She takes risks. She wings it. Forgot the diaper changing pad? No problem, she’ll improvise. No diapers? Her scarf suddenly has a new purpose in life. This woman is innovative and for that reason, she’s a risk taker. If there’s a problem, it WILL be handled.
  4. She’s smarter. There’s been a lot of learning that has happened with each child. She has seen just about everything by now. Google, you have some serious competition.
  5. She says what’s on her mind. Want to know how that dress really looks on you? Ask Mommy 3.0. She lost her filter once she pushed out that last baby.
  6. She’s a great friend. She might not pick up the phone as often but she knows the true value of friendship. She’s that woman who will find a way to help a friend, even if it means adding one more thing to her toppling over plate.
  7. She’s always down for some wine. Somebody get this woman a glass, quick. She deserves… Every. Last. Drop.
  8. She’s such a mother hen. Her grays might be sticking up and she might smell like spit-up, but this woman has so much love to give. Drop your kids off at her house. Take the dog. Take that homeless looking fella. She’ll take care of them all.
  9. She’s easily pleased. She’s surviving on her kid’s leftovers, so she really won’t care what restaurant you choose. Anything you choose is an upgrade from eating over her kitchen sink.
  10. She’s so loved. She’s got one more little kiddo that gives her wet kisses. One more little dude that will bring home priceless scribbled artwork. She is their “home” and they make sure she knows it.

Mommy 3.0 is crushing it.

She’s faster, smarter and high in demand. She has quite the fan-base and she loves every bit of it.

She might have a few glitches here and there, but she’s definitely built to last. Just hand her a giant cup of coffee when she’s buffering and she’ll be back to new in no time.