I could feel that today was going to be “one of those days” before it even officially started.

The kids all decided to play musical beds last night and the fractured sleep is taking a toll on my eyelids.

This morning, I clenched onto a few more minutes of sleep before I had to peel myself away. Saying goodbye to my bed felt like the worst breakup ever.

I could hear my husband and two older kids getting ready to start the day, and I just couldn’t get myself to pop up and join the whirlwind. Instead I laid there for five extra minutes while the baby, who was fully propped up and awake, pounded on me and laughed. I really should have just gotten up.

Luckily, I packed lunches last night so it was one less thing to have to do. I have an amazing partner who frankly, would have packed lunches had I not gotten to it. But today, I didn’t have to feel guilty about throwing that responsibility over the fence.

That feeling of being ahead of the curve felt like a win so a few drops got added to my empty tank.

As I waved goodbye to my husband and toddler, who just started preschool a few weeks ago, I felt happy seeing their grinning faces.

A few more drops got added to my empty tank.

I went back inside to finish getting my Kindergartner ready and then loaded up the baby in the stroller so we could walk to school. We were on-time for a change, so I didn’t have to lovingly bark at my son to move faster. He loves to walk to school and today we would enjoy our morning together outdoors.

A few more drops got added to my empty tank.

We started on our short trek to school when I nonchalantly admitted to my son that I was tired. “Man, I’m just pooped today”.

Then the most amazing response I could have ever heard came out of this wiser than words child of mine:

“You’re doing really good for pooped.”

I could have bawled my eyes out but somehow he made me laugh the biggest belly laugh.

I was shocked at his perception. I was amazed by his thoughts. I was floored by his compliment.

I didn’t realize how badly I needed to hear that sentence. And the fact that it came from my son, made it that much more meaningful.

My son changed the entire trajectory of my morning with one simple sentence. Small drops were being added to my tank, and then this guy just tsunami style drenched me.

I am tired. I want to climb into bed. But that sweet reunion with my fluffy comforter and cold pillow won’t be happening until much later today. So I will conquer the day and I will replay that sentence in my head in my son’s sweet voice, “You’re doing really good for pooped”.

Thank you my baby boy. You just made my day.