Oh boy. I’m turning 35 tomorrow.

The very first essay I published was about the lessons I learned about life at the age of 30.

Five years have zipped by and here I am sitting in front of my laptop with my head spinning. Not because of writer’s block (which is totally a thing), but because I am inundated with a surplus of thoughts and it’s hard to even begin.

It’s difficult to articulate the amount my life has changed in the last 5 years, but just to scratch the tip of the iceberg:

  1. I became a mother to two more beautiful children. I brought two more precious souls into this world who are a huge part of who I am and who I’ve become. Two pregnancies. Two more “4th trimesters”. Two more times of ballooning up and deflating back to almost my original body. Two more emotional rollercoasters. Two more cycles of sleepless nights, breastfeeding, pumping, diaper changes, first words, first steps, first foods. Motherhood continued to be my greatest gift in life and I don’t at all take for granted this privilege of being a Mom. I’m grateful for my three.
  2. I left Corporate America. This was a major line in the sand for me. Ever since I graduated college (and even before due to internships) I was using my college degree to earn a living. Leaving not only Corporate America, but becoming a Stay-at-home Mom was a major shift in how I spent my days. My family underwent a huge lifestyle change and it has been a gamechanger to say the least. Shutting one door opened up the gate to so much more.
  3. I started my own blog. This natural introvert, more homebody than outgoing, silly yet slow to reveal, guarded heart, mostly private human decided to share a part of her life with the world through writing. It is not trivial to me at any level to begin this journey of writing. It has given me a world of confidence as I’m able to articulate all the feels I have through my fingertips. It has fueled my creativity and given me something for myself. It has provided endorsement for my own journey of motherhood as other women open up and admit they can relate. It is just as much encouraging to me as it is to them to read along and find inspiration.
  4. I became closer to my Self. Now I don’t know if it comes with age, maturity or experience but there is a new sense of confidence within me. As a female upholding the Indian culture, sometimes it’s expected for us to “fit in” and there’s pressure to do so. I feel good about myself and I don’t feel the need to conform where it doesn’t make sense. I care and invest time in what matters and spend less time worrying about what does not. I learned how to forgive without getting the apology I wanted because I realized it was more work to hold onto anger than to simply move on. I learned to let go and trust the universe. I learned how to take care of myself in order to take care of those around me.
  5. I found a new career path. Motherhood is my biggest joy and pride without a doubt. Even when my children are grown, independent and planting roots of their own, I know that there will be nothing more fulfilling than remembering this season of life. Having a career that can be integrated with my love for motherhood and lifestyle is the ultimate goal and I’ve discovered what that looks like for me. I am elbow deep in my certification to become a Parent Coach! Designing coaching packages to help other moms is exhilarating. Knowing that I will be able to help women achieve their parenting and personal goals is fulfilling and makes my heart happy!

These last 5 years have been beautiful, messy, complicated, fun, everchanging and rewarding. I am excited for what life will bring over the next five as I approach 40. Oh my!


I want to take a moment to say thank you to…


My Parents. You were there for me before. You are there for me now. I am grateful to live close by and integrate my life with yours even after I left the nest 12 years ago. I love you.

My Sister. We love each other. We fight with each other. We are there for each other. I cannot imagine what life would be like without a built-in best friend. I’m glad Mummy & Papa gave me a sister.

My Husband. There’s no I in TEAM. I’m glad I met you when I did, because I got to spend that much more time with the person I was meant to spend the rest of my life with. You drive me nuts some days but there’s no one else I’d rather go nuts over.

My Children. You gave me a new life. New perspective. New responsibilities. New joy. New love. You three are my world and I only hope that you will one day get to experience parenthood the way I have with you. And I hope they keep you awake at night too so you know how it feels. Just kidding…maybe.