It was a full week. And the word full is a complete understatement. Jam-packed, over-spilling, crammed…maybe those are better adjectives. You get the picture.

My husband was on business travel for nearly the entire week and I was flying solo with my littles. Being the overachiever mom that I strive to be (knowing that hot mess mom is equally amazing and I’m also that MANY days) somehow, someway, everything was taken care of. After-school activities…check. Packed lunches…check. Getting my work done in small, cramped windows throughout the day…check.

One big fat check that was missing was my time alone. My space. My mental recharge. My time to hit the pause button from responsibilities.

Normally, I bake this into my daily routine, but with my husband out of town, our normal steady drumbeat sounded like a heavy metal concert that week.

A long story short, there I was at the end of the week feeling like I had conquered life by a thread. I was also feeling defeated by the sheer amount of responsibility and in all honesty, the physical labor that is involved in raising 3 kids. There is no fancy way to put it… I was pooped.

My husband was back, all the kids were down for the night and for the first time in my life, I called myself an Uber.

I took myself out on a date and it was one of the best nights I’ve had by myself, ever.

I was never one of those people that is super independent and loves their time alone. I admire the souls that can go where the wind blows, travel alone, hit up parties by themselves, rely on making new friends, move across the country or even globe completely by themselves. It amazes me.

I was never one of those people.

To put things in perspective, back in college when I moved into the dorms as a Junior, I vomited from feeling anxious and cried myself to sleep that first night. My sister came and stayed with me the next couple of days just so I wasn’t lonely. I should also mention that the dorms were 20 minutes away from my parent’s house.

No, I’m not exaggerating.

Granted, I’ve gotten much more comfortable being alone since then. Still, calling an Uber and taking myself out on a date is completely out of the norm for me.

And it was incredible.

First of all, just the fact that I didn’t have to drive anywhere, and I could sit in the back of a car and get chauffeured to wherever I darn pleased was a great start to the night.

I chose a place with live music because I’m a sucker for some good entertainment.

I chose a table that had one of those sofa chairs with a coffee table. I was alone. I could totally swing it.

I chose pasta and customized it so that it was just perfect which was nicely paired with my beverage.

And so, I sat there in a big, fat comfy chair eating my pasta and listening to a girl play her guitar and sing some chords. She reminded me of Phoebe from FRIENDS and I couldn’t help but wait for her rendition of “Smelly Cat”. That did not happen with no surprise, but it was still a great night.

It was 2.5 hours of the weirdest fun I’ve had.

It was weird being in a restaurant and chowing down on some of the best pasta I’ve had, alone on a Friday night. It was weird not having a car. It was weird how much fun I was actually having without knowing anyone there.

And I will be doing it again.

It was a time for me to think. It was a time for me to focus on my Self and unwind. It was a time that I could be completely silent. It was an evening to just let go. Let go of the mental check-list. Let go of managing schedules for 5 people. Let go of the to-do list and “stuff” that was waiting for me once I clocked back in. And in that space, I felt completely and utterly grateful for my life and the people who I support and love every, single day.

Research shows that spending time alone can help in many areas like increasing empathy, sparking creativity, increasing productivity, and fostering personal growth.

Being alone also helps you to stay connected to your Self. In the hustle and bustle of life, especially for moms, it is so easy to lose ourselves. Having time alone helps us feel centered and aware of our own likes and dislikes that might be driven by external factors. Solitude is necessary for replenishing our energy and if you’re a natural introvert like me, it’s critical. Even if in the past  you didn’t feel the need to carve out “alone time”, things may have changed for you after becoming a parent and having the added responsibilities.

And get this, it is also good role-modeling for kids to see us take time for ourselves. Research shows that children who learn independence at an earlier age are better behaved in the long run. I can almost hear the moms calling their Ubers right now.

Listen up Moms, take time for yourself. Go and get out. Get prettied up and take yourself on a date. Recharge those batteries, get to know your Self, and make it a priority. You can’t help others if you don’t help yourself. Sometimes it can feel like a task just to figure out the logistics on how to make it happen, but it is possible. With the right game-plan, anything is possible.

I am so glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and took myself out that night. It was a memorable evening, one that I experienced alone and can keep for myself. I came back home feeling happy and recharged. I was able to let go of stress that I didn’t even realize I was carrying. I felt grateful and mentally stronger with a clearer vision for my family, life and personal goals.

All from an epic night that I called an Uber and took myself on a date. I can only imagine the possibilities from a Momcation (Mom + Vacation) alone. Watch out, world.