Here we are at the doorstep of a brand new year.

New Year’s Eve is a time where the past and the future collide in a way that brings us hope, energy and anticipation.

It’s strange if you really think about it. It’s just another day after all.

Every day is a new opportunity. A chance to achieve our dreams. A fresh start can happen anytime, any day. The choice has always been ours to feel gratitude for what we have, change what we don’t, and learn from our mistakes rather than sulk in our problems. A positive attitude is always at our disposal, it’s simply our choice whether to turn on the switch. It just so happens that the positive switch is just a smidge harder to find on other days.

Today, we somehow don’t need to find the switch. It’s just there.

We don’t deliberately remind ourselves to be positive. We just feel it.

We don’t force ourselves to see the good. It presents itself.

We don’t push ourselves to accept change. We welcome it.

It’s this feeling that I want to remember throughout the new year of 2019. The feeling of optimism, no matter the situation.

I want to be open.

Open to learning about myself. Open to accepting the flaws of the past. Open to the unknown future while knowing that I’m exactly where I need to be in the present. Open to the universe. Open to feeling small and vulnerable. And at the same time, closing the door to anything that brings down my energy, derails me, and keeps me from living the life that I have always dreamed.

I want to remember that there is no problem without a solution. There is no goal that cannot be accomplished. There is no obstacle that cannot be removed because there’s always a new path when you turn the corner.

The key is to stay open. Open mind, open heart, open communication. With the synergy of these three, success is inevitable.

So, although I’m reluctant to make a new year’s resolution because really, we have the power of change at any point in our life, today is a beautiful reminder that every day is a gift. Every morning is a new beginning. There is great power that lies within ourselves and the choices we make.

I am open to the plot shifting throughout the new year and filling the blank pages. Because I know that at the end of the day, I am holding the pen.