‘Twas a Sunday night, not a creature was stirring

The children were fast asleep, the husband was snoring

Before this however, us parents stayed up late

Cheese and wine, and our usual TV date

Sofa snuggles, a few laughs, his rough feet on mine

It was good to hang out and have a good time

Reluctantly I packed lunches and tidied up a bit

I knew if I didn’t do it now, in the morning I’ll have a fit

I plopped into bed, and passed the eff out

I woke up at 2am to an awful, loud shout

The baby hurled up, it was curds of milk I think

I love him so much, but man did it stink

I felt like a zombie, my husband did too

But parents are superheroes, it’s just what we do

We divided and conquered to work out this mess

I think we were still half asleep, if I must confess

The washer was now brewing, and the baby got a shower

We were finally back in bed to recharge our power

This wasn’t the last time we would be awoken that night

Another munchkin needed company, he needed to be tucked in more tight

Finally, at some point we were all completely fast asleep

It was a little too good, a little too deep

I woke up well-rested, I knew it wasn’t right

I didn’t hear my alarm clock to give it the usual fight

It was 8 o’clock in the morning, the snooze must have been hit

What the…oh dear…no way…holy sh*t.

The husband was now powered up, he’s faster than his wife

A hot shower and 5 minutes to myself is what brings me back to life

I whispered to myself, thank God I packed for school last night

It took the edge off for a little bit even though the morning was tight

Somehow, someway the kids made it to school on-time

Coffee was not brewed at home, but drive-thru coffee is just fine

See things happen sometimes, it just how it’s meant to be

But getting angry about things outside of our control just isn’t my cup of tea

There wasn’t much talking and smiling, I confess

We zipped off to school, leaving the house in a mess

The thing is if your heart is open, you’ll always see a silver lining

We were all safe, and healthy and so what, it’s just a little bad timing

The messes were cleaned up, the smiling was back

Pack lunches the night before and laugh a little, that is my hack.