I won’t lie. I had the most wonderful Winter Break with my kids. It honestly could not have gone better. We all stayed healthy which is first and foremost a total win during this cold season. We had family visiting us, which always makes the holidays extra memorable. I created an itinerary for the break so that we could have a good balance between jam-packed fun and “lounge in our pajamas” days because let’s face it, hanging out in elastic waist banded pants is a little bit of heaven.

Our Winter Break was nothing short of amazing.

No matter how much fun we have and how much we want to cherish each moment with our kids, the truth is, we have thoughts. A lot of them. If you’re a Mom, you know what I’m talking about.

As a tribute to all the moms who survived, err I mean enjoyed Winter Break with their families, here’s a breakdown of 16 days as experienced by Mom:

Day 1: Winter Break…be my b*tch. We are going to have so much fun. I’m the Queen of entertainment.

Day 2: Oh my God. This is so cute. They are holding hands. The kids are holding hands all on their own. I’m so glad they get to be together all day, every day. Oh, they’re doing it again. Where’s my phone? There it is. Snap! Snap! Snap!

Day 3: Do they always snack this much? Didn’t I just feed them?

Day 4: We need to live this way, every day. No stress. No agenda. Even Husband is home. This is so incredibly nice. We need to win the lottery so we can just hang out in our pajamas and do nothing.

Day 5: I love Christmas! We are all so happy. We need to keep it like this every, single day. I’m never going to get upset about anything ever again.

Day 6: Do I look like a maid? Great, now I have to find a place for all this crap we just inherited. Thanks, Santa, thanks.

Day 7: Roadtrips are awesome. This is the best bonding time. We need to bond more. We need to have more positive memories. I need to plan this more often. I need us all to spend more quality time together. I need to have more 1:1 time with each kid. I need to do more.

Day 8: I do too much. Why is everything my responsibility? If I didn’t plan anything, we would do nothing. Nothing!

Day 9: I want to do nothing.

Day 10: I want this next year to be next-level amazing. I feel renewed. I feel recharged. I’m going to crush the new year. BRING. IT. ON.

Day 11: What day is it? Did I brush my teeth?

Day 12: Do we have to take down the Christmas tree? Alexa, take down the Christmas tree. Damn.

Day 13: Did that one just say he’s bored? I can’t do it. I quit. When does school start again?

Day 14: I’m hungry. Again.

Day 15: I love my life. Everything is perfect. I am so blessed with these beautiful children. My husband is a rockstar. Man, I’m lucky.

Day 16: Let us celebrate that school is back in sesh and we can all stop eating 8,000 calories! 2 hours later: I miss them.