Question: I’m on maternity leave and I’m going nuts. I wish I could say I’m enjoying it, but I’m just itching to go back to work. Am I a terrible mom? I feel so guilty for feeling this way that I haven’t admitted it to anyone. I’m wondering if I’m just not cut out for this.

Answer: Hey mama. First of all, be kind to yourself. Whatever you’re feeling is valid and there’s no right or wrong in that. Pause. Breath. Relax. Your feelings are yours, and the internal struggle of feeling guilt about it just means you need to peel back the layers to find your core.

Motherhood isn’t a switch that gets flipped to the “on” setting for everyone, overnight. For many, a lot more than we openly talk about, it’s a slow progression. Allow yourself permission to take it one day at a time.

I would start with figuring out what is the main reason you want to go back to work by asking yourself some key questions.

Do you miss your work? Do you miss the routine? Do you miss the people? What is it about “going back to work” that is tugging on you?

Once you have that answered, the next step is creating space to fulfill those needs. If it’s the work itself you miss, perhaps there’s a way for you to gradually re-introduce some work time. If it’s routine, perhaps you can duplicate a simple version to give you the structure you crave. If it’s the people, perhaps you can make space during the week to give yourself the social interactions that you need for your mental health.

Motherhood isn’t a mad-dash. And don’t discredit yourself of all the learning and stretching you’ve done so far. Being responsible for a tiny human 24/7 is exhausting. And there are plenty of studies out there that shows what exhaustion can do to both our mental and physical well-being.

You are cut out for this. You are doing it, every single day. You are pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and adapting to a brand new lifestyle. Change takes time. Be patient with yourself.

Keep loving on that baby and don’t forget to love on yourself too.

**The contents of this is for inspirational purposes. It is always recommended to seek professional help if you have concerns.**