Question: I have a 3 week old baby and I think I’m ready to take him out with me on my own. Do you have any tips to make the outing easier?

Answer: I remember the excitement and nerves of taking my first born out for the first time on my own. I was on maternity leave and we decided to meet up with my husband for lunch. It’s a special memory and I totally felt like a badass when I showed up in real clothes, and not pajamas.

Here are 5 pieces of advice to prepare for your first solo outing with your baby:

1) Leave the house with not the expectation that everything will be perfect. But with the attitude that even with hiccups to your day, you can still make it fantastic. You will be more likely to embrace things like the baby suddenly crying, or major spit up and blowout diapers, or forgetting to pack something in the diaper bag with more patience.. You WILL be okay and you WILL make the best of it. You might come home with spitup in your hair, but you will survive, mama. #mindsetmatters

2) Having the right carrier depending on what you are planning to do can make a big difference. If there’s a lot of walking involved, take the stroller. If you’re planning on being at someone’s house, a baby-wearing carrier might be handy to keep him feeling comforted close to you–pro tip: this helps from having your baby gets passed around too because everyone always wants to hold the baby. I say, it’s better to pack those things and leave them in the car so you have options.

3) Baby wipes, a muslin blanket, and milk. It’s incredible how much you can conquer with these three things and they will be your secret weapon for several months ahead.

4) Speaking of milk…take all your milk stuff with you. A manual pump was just what I leaned on when I was out and about and needed to pump. I didn’t have to rely on finding an outlet or lugging around a huge bag. I would look into a manual pump–I think they are underrated!

5) Ask yourself if it’s a good idea. If it’s errands you’re running and they can wait, then just wait. Take it easy. Lean on others. Sometimes as moms, we want to prove that we can do everything by ourselves. I know you can…but sometimes, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. It’s okay to take things slow…

Happy Outing, mama! Cheers to many, many more and making some amazing memories.