I will start by telling you that my husband deserves full credit for this one, because he’s the one that discovered this little gem.

I enjoy my morning cup of coffee. Sure, it’s become a necessity for me to down a nice cup of joe to really feel fully awake. But I relish it and it’s just a small part of my morning that I look forward to.

With that being said, it’s rare that I get to sit down and drink my cup of coffee in one sitting and in all honesty, the longer I can stretch out the joy I get from guzzling the juice of these magical beans, I’m all about it.

Unless it gets cold. And then I have to microwave it. And then it gets cold again.

Who’s with me? Are you currently experiencing this first world problem?

Enter the Yeti. My husband’s listening skills were on-point when one day he heard me say (well, I’m sure I said it more than just one day, if I’m being honest) “I have to go microwave my coffee. This is annoying.”

Boom. Award for the best listening hubs goes to my partner in crime. It’s really these small gestures that mean the most. My husband gifted me the Yeti as a part of my mother’s day gift (totally appropriate, right?) and I’ve used it everyday, ever since.

Here’s the description directly from their website:

“Any tumbler that’s coming along for the ride needs to be tough enough to keep up. Our Rambler® 20 oz. is made from durable stainless steel with double-wall vacuum insulation to protect your hot or cold beverage at all costs. While the magnet on the included MagSlider™ Lid adds an additional barrier of protection for keeping drinks contained and preventing heat or cold from escaping, please note – this magnet component is not leakproof and will not prevent spills. Available in stainless and DuraCoat™ colors “

Thank you, Yeti for this amazing little cup that keeps my coffee hot for hours on end.

Coffee is my sidekick. It’s part of my morning regiment that fuels me and gives me the little boost I need to feel ready to conquer the day. I’m sure I could quit if I wanted to, but why would I do such a thing?

This is just one of the things in my self-care toolkit. I will invest in quality products that make my daily life easier and make me feel good. This is one of them!

*This is not a sponsored ad. I only recommend products that I enjoy and think that others can benefit from too!