Time. We all want more of it. What we do with the extra time differs for each of us.

You might want more time to exercise or read.

I might want more time to chill and lounge on a beach.

Okay, we all want more time to chill and lounge on a beach, but you get the picture.

Minimizing the time spent on the mundane allows us to maximize on what brings us joy: spending time with our kids, getting in some self-care, or yes..sitting on the beach without feeling like a hot mess.

Optimization is the name of the game. Here are 3 of my favorite life hacks for saving time:

  1. Buy a bulk of the same socks. If one sock goes missing, whatever. It can pair up with another friend. There are bigger problems to handle than one rogue sock and it will save you time from having to play matchy-matchy. Bonus Tip: Instead of storing socks and shoes in bedrooms, store them together in a mud room area close to your exit. It helps for getting out the door a lot quicker, especially for kids. I store socks in a bin like this one: 3 drawer storage bin. Since I have three kids, each one gets his own drawer. There’s enough space for hats too!
  2. Use the Amazon Alexa app to manage your grocery shopping list. This allows you to see the list anytime. If you happen to be passing by the store with some time to spare, you can grab what you need with your handy list on your phone. No promises you won’t buy more than you need if you head inside feeling hungry. Just saying. Last perk of using this app? Your husband has the updated list at all times, making it easier to delegate!
  3. This one is for the baby mama. Have two changing stations if you have a two story house. You can buy an inexpensive changing pad which can be placed on a bed or sofa (of course, never leave your baby unattended on there). You don’t have to have one “official” changing station in the baby’s room like we’re led to believe when preparing for a baby. Setup changing stations where you spend the most time. My favorite for affordability and function is this Summer Contoured Changing Pad

There you have it. Easy ways to save some time and sanity! Let me know what you think and what are some of your favorite hacks for saving time around your home!