Connect-to-Correct (C2C)

Hooray! You’ve made it past those sleepless nights (or maybe you’re almost there) and life is slowly getting back to how you imagined it would be at this point.

Now this sweet kiddo has realized that he is a separate entity from you and on many occasions, harshly reminds you of it by pushing boundaries. You want to “fix” it, but you’re not too sure how to effectively guide your child to change the behavior. Sometimes, you and your partner end up in unnecessary conflicts because your expectations and parenting styles are different. You begin to question yourself if you’re doing this parenting thing all wrong.

With the Connect-to-Correct (C2C) package, we work on an isolated issue that you have chosen to conquer by creating a strategy together. We will identify your Parenting Personality as well as your child’s Core Personality through a specially designed assessment.

A Core Personality is something that all of us are born with. Every child reacts and relates to his or her surroundings differently and first, we need to understand what exactly that looks like for our kiddo. In order for him to listen to you, he needs to feel connected to you. This starts with communicating at the child’s wavelength.

Likewise, we cannot bring change to our child’s behavior, without understanding our own parenting personality—how do we react to certain things, our triggers, our needs and priorities. We cannot bring change without fully understanding ourselves.

Through coaching, we will identify your Parent Personality and your child’s Core Personality. We will create a road-map to bring beautiful results and harmony into the family and we are going to have fun doing it!

Expected Results:

This Mommy will be better equipped to handle the sweet, the spicy and everything in between raising a toddler through the preschool years. She will be able to correct and redirect her child’s behavior by connecting with her little one more deeply and learning about her Self.

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Connect-to-Correct (C2C) Package Includes:

  • 15 Minute Consultation Call (FREE)
  • 30 Minute Discovery Call (Premium)
  • Two Coaching Sessions + Parent-Child Personality Tests (Premium)
  • Recipe of Life Cheat Sheet (Premium)

$349 Full Package

30-minute Discovery Call

Two Coaching Sessions + Parent-Child Personality Tests

Recipe of Life © Cheat Sheet

Still not sure if this is for you?

The Core Temperament Discovery coaching package is for you if you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the following questions:

  • I want to identify and understand my Parent Personality so I can nourish myself effectively in order to be a great parent
  • I want to identify and understand my child’s Core Personality so that I can communicate and connect with him/her effectively
  • I want to feel that my partner and I are on the same page, even if we have different styles—which can lead to serious miscommunication
  • I want professional support to effectively manage: toddler tantrums, sleep schedules, power struggles, positive discipline, sibling rivalry, introducing a new baby, mindful parenting and/or creating a strong family culture that the kids will grow into for many years to come
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