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“I feel lucky every, single day because I get to empower moms to focus on their well-being and living out my passion is good for mine!”

Anisha Pandya Patel, Owner/Founder of Masala Mommy & Parenting Coach

I believe that raising happy kids starts with raising a happy mom, because she in fact is a family’s most valuable asset. I also know that motherhood begins overnight but there is a steep learning curve as she discovers her new rhythm. There is no manual for this!

It is my deepest wish to provide 1:1 coaching, classes and other services to all moms to help cut the stress and experience more joy. With mindful and practical parenting tools, a self-care system, a growth mindset and strong family foundation, she is guaranteed to have an adventure better than she could have ever dreamed.

I know, because I am her. And I know without a doubt, you can be her too.

Being a mother is my greatest pride and joy. Helping other moms make their life easier and achieve their parenting goals is deeply gratifying.

I strongly believe we all have a shot at making this parenthood journey beautiful and fulfilling. We have this incredible responsibility to shape the future. We have this amazing opportunity to have connection and love with these beings that chose us for parents.

The thing is, sometimes we just need a little help with the right ingredients…

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