Hey, Mama!

Welcome to Motherhood! You are spending day and night making sure your baby is happy, healthy and loved. But sometimes, you just feel exhausted and a little overwhelmed. We know you are doing an amazing job taking care of the baby, but who is taking care of YOU?

Here at Masala Mommy, we know that the new mom needs just as much love, support, and attention as the baby.  We empower her to feel confident, heal her body, and take time to bond with her baby. She should enjoy this special transition into motherhood and we help her do just that!

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How We Support New Moms

The modern mom has a lot to juggle. Most women only have 6-12 weeks of maternity leave to rest, heal, learn the ropes of newborn parenthood, bond with baby, and still take responsibility for running a home. It is just not enough time and it is incredibly challenging without the right resources and support system for what we like to call a new mom’s “4th trimester.”

We have integrated beautiful Eastern concepts for postpartum wellness while providing easy access to reap these benefits in our fast-paced Western lifestyle. With a passion to help new moms and truly understanding how to positively influence her well-being, we have combined three services to offer

“New Mom Wellness Concierge”

Our team of caring and compassionate women are dedicated to helping mama feel confident, pampered and prepared.

1. On-Demand Mom Coaching

For her Emotional & Mental Well-being

You have a million things on your mind! You have questions that pop up related to newborn care and postpartum self care. You want quick access to someone who has your best interest and also is trustworthy and experienced. It is amazing how quickly your mind is put to ease with access to your Mom Coach who serves as your personal resource. She will provide a listening ear, stress management techniques, a game plan for transitioning back to work, and anything else you need along the way to help you feel confident during this delicate passage into motherhood.

2. In-Home Postpartum Massage

For her Physical & Mental Well-being

Your body has undergone nothing less than a miracle to debut your little baby. Now it’s time to rest.  We know how important it is for the new mom to heal her body and we also understand that it can be difficult to prioritize. We make it easy. Our experienced and licensed massage therapist will travel to you. Postpartum massage is known to relax muscles, lower stress hormones, increase circulation and improve breastfeeding. We empower you to enjoy these benefits of postpartum massage in the comfort of your home without ever needing to leave your new baby.

3. Home Management & Personal Assistance

For her Family & Lifestyle Well-being

Everyone keeps telling you to sleep when the baby is sleeping, but it feels almost impossible when there is just so much to do. Simply put, you need an extra set of hands!  Our trained Mother’s Assistant can help you with your to-do list so you can get the much needed rest. Dishes, laundry, light cleaning, picking up groceries and even cooking a meal are some of the ways she can help you. You don’t have to DO it all, to HAVE it all. We want to help you tackle the mundane so you can rest and enjoy this special bonding time with your new baby because we know how quickly the time passes by.

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