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I’m so glad you’re here! Are you planning a pregnancy? Are you pregnant and trying to prepare before the big day? Do you have a baby in your arms and need a little support? If any of these sound like you, then you’re in the right place!

Here at Masala Mommy, we provide tools & services that will empower you for a more joyful motherhood. No need to Google for hours and waste precious time trying to find answers. I am all about sharing practical real-life solutions backed by experience.  

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The modern mom has a lot to juggle. Most women only have 6-12 weeks of maternity leave to rest, heal, learn the ropes of newborn parenthood, bond with baby, and still take responsibility for running a home. Add a toddler or two into the mix and things can get chaotic real quick. It is just not enough time and it is incredibly challenging without the right resources and support system for what we like to call a new mom’s “4th trimester.”

We have integrated beautiful Eastern concepts for postpartum wellness while providing easy access to reap these benefits in our fast-paced Western lifestyle. We work together to shift your mindset, learn practical and mindful parenting tools, and design your self-care system. We believe a happy mom is a family’s greatest asset. That is exactly why we help her find some calm in the chaos and show her how to find it for many years to come.

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